Our products are made of 100% silk which is compatible with nature and does not contain carcinogenic substances. The chemical components of the coloring additives are also made of special substances that protect nature and human. The products produced in Bursa, the center of silk in our country, are exported to the whole world. 35x165cm %100 silk twill foulard and 55x55cm silk twill bandana and many other types of scarves we aim to provide the best quality service to our customers.

ozguven tekstil fular bandana

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Altınova Mah. Buttim İş Merkezi D Blok Kat: 1 Ofis No: 1257 Osmangazi / Bursa
+(090) 224 211 33 00
+(090) 224 211 33 26
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About Us

I.OZGUVEN Foreign Trade & Consulting company ,was formed to meet the gaps identified within the service and manufacturing industries our expertise crosses may business from planning to purchase to manufacture to distribution.

Our VAT number is: 4730 602 861 
Mersis No : 0473 0602 8610 0001 
Trade Registry : 79117

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